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Department of Statistics
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Dr. Dennis Malcherczyk

Office hours

Just drop in or write an e-mail for an appointment in the office or Zoom.


Short CV

  • Since December 2018: Research assistant at the Chair of Statistics with applications in the field of engineering
  • 2019 - 2022: PhD in Statistics, TU Dortmund University, PhD-Thesis: K-Sign Depth: Asymptotic Distribution, Efficient Computation and Applications.
  • 2017 - 2018: M. Sc. Mathematics, TU Dortmund University, Master Thesis: Asymptotic distribution of full data depths.
  • 2014 - 2018: B. Sc. Statistics, TU Dortmund University.
  • 2013 - 2017: B. Sc. Mathematics, TU Dortmund University.



  • Teaching assistant: Elementary probability theory for statisticians (SS 18, SS 22)
  • Teaching assistant: Linear algebra for statisticians (WS 21/22)
  • Teaching assistant: Statistics and probability theory for engineers (WS 19/20, WS 20/21, WS 21/22)
  • Teaching assistant: Nonparametric and robust statistics (SS 21)
  • Advised Master thesis: "Comparison of sign depth tests with other tests for randomness in time series" (2021)
  • Teaching assistant: Linear Models with Programming in R (SS 20)
  • Advanced case studies (WS 19/20)
  • Tutorial: Advanced probability theory and measure theory for statisticians (WS 19/20)
  • Teaching assistant: Sequential analysis (SS 19)
  • Teaching assistant: Robust statistics (SS 19)
  • Case studies (SS 19)
  • Teaching assistant: Statistical inference (WS 16/17)



  • Malcherczyk, D. (2022) K-Sign Depth: Asymptotic Distribution, Efficient Computation and Applications. Dissertation, TU Dortmund.
  • Malcherczyk, D., Leckey, K. and Müller, C. H. (2021) K-sign depth: From asymptotics to efficient implementation. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 215, 344-355.
  • Müller, C. H., Dohme H., Malcherczyk, D., Biermann, D. and Tillmann, W. (2021) Detecting diamond breakouts of diamond impregnated tools for core drilling of concrete by force measurements. To appear in: Data Science, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Statistics for Environmental Science, Natural Sciences and Technology. Eds. A. Steland, K.-L. Tsui, Springer. Preprint


Submitted papers

  • Leckey, K., Malcherczyk, D., Horn, M. and Müller, C. H. Simple powerful tests based on sign depth.


Discussion papers

  • Dreier, J., Ferreira, M., Malcherczyk D., Biermann, D., Müller, C. H. and Tillmann, W. (2022) The influence of different diamond spacings in diamond impregnated tools on the wear behavior and material removal.
  • Dreier, J., Hafer, M., Heinrich, J., Leckey, K., Malcherczyk, D., Maurer, R. and Müller, C. H. (2021) Körperschallanalyse der Ermüdung von Spannbetonbauteilen.
  • Dohme, H., Malcherczyk, D., Leckey, K. and Müller, C. H. (2021) K-depth tests for testing simultaneously independence and other model assumptions in time series.