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Department of Statistics
Research Assistant

Dr. Mirko Alexander Jakubzik

Office hours

Feel free to visit me in my office M/746 or make an appointment via email.



  • Teaching Assistant: "Case Studies 1" (SS 19)
  • Teaching Assistant: "Case Studies 2" (WS 19/20 & WS 22/23)
  • Teaching Assistant for the 2nd project of "Case Studies 2" (SoSe 17)
  • Teaching Assistant: "Fundamentals of Experimental Design" (SS 20 & SS 22)
  • Tutorial: "Vector and matrix calculus" (WS 21/22)
  • Tutorial: "Elementary probability theory" (SS 20 & SS 22)
  • Tutorial: "Statistics 5" (WS 18/19 & WS 19/20)
  • Tutorial: "Estimating and Testing" (WS 22/23)
  • Teaching Assistant: "Statistics 2" (SS 18)
  • Teaching Assistant "Estimating an Testing" (WS 20/21)
  • Teaching Assistant: "Optimality of Estimators and Tests" (SS 21)
  • Teaching Assistant: "Statistics of Reliability and Material Fatigue" (WS 17/18 & WS 19/20 & WS 21/22)
  • Teaching Assistant: "Advanced Experimental Design" (SS 17 & SS 19 & SS 21)



  • Abbas, S., Fried, R., Heinrich, J., Horn, M., Jakubzik, M., Kohlenbach, J., Maurer, R., Michels, A. and Müller, C.H. (2019). Detection of anomalous sequences in crack data of a bridge monitoring. In: Applications in Statistical Computing - From Music Data Analysis to Industrial Quality Improvement. Eds. K. Ickstadt, H. Trautmann, G. Szepannek, N. Bauer, K. Lübke, M. Vichi, Springer, 251-269.
  • PhD thesis: Statistical inference for intensity-based load sharing models with damage accumulation. 2023, TU Dortmund University.